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The sharing economy has brought more conveniences to our lives, here are five marketplaces that are rocking it

Who would have ever thought that people can order “maids” through an app of smartphones? 10 years ago, nobody would believe that this could work; they were wrong.

Today, services marketplaces are one of the fastest growing industries in the sharing economy. As the most populated region on the planet, Asia’s demand for service marketplaces is rapidly increasing as the middle class desire a better and faster way to get things done.

The realisation of turning unused assets into profit has motivated many individuals to jump into the service industry – which often requires little technical and educational skills. Let’s take a look at some of the most disruptive sharing economy marketplaces in Asia’s service industry.


The future of household services might be in the hands of Sendhelper and the likes. It’s a mobile-based online platform that connects homeowners with cleaning service providers.

Based in Singapore, Sendhelper aims to tackle the needs for reliable and legal household cleaners that are increasingly in demand. Listing reliable and pre-screened local helpers that provide services such as house chores and cooking, Sendhelper stands out among other competitors with its S$1 million (US$730,000) insurance to cover damages that may occur.


India is riding the on-demand wave in a big way with various startups popping up in the escalating industry. To compete in the laundry service niche in India, Tooler is an on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service that provides quick services via a few simple taps on smartphones.

Run on the full stack model that manages the entire user experience, Tooler is more than just an “Uber” for home services; it connectis local laundromats and riders with customers. Extending to shoe and sofa cleaning, Tooler handles every aspect of the service from pickup to ironing of clothes within 48 hours delivery


Ever wanted to learn how to roll Sushi in Tokyo or cook a Pad Thai in Bangkok? Cookly might be the place for you to do that. Dubbed as the Airbnb for foodies, this Thailand-based online marketplace brings food lovers and food professionals together to enjoy quality culinary experiences.

Currently operational in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and China, Cookly lists established and qualified cooking schools on its platform for free and earn revenue through commission from successful bookings.


Access to top tier consulting personnel is still limited to large firms and enterprises, that’ll change soon. Expert360 exists to allow businesses to engage top consulting and finance talent for project-based work. Featuring top consultants in various industries such as finance, marketing and e-commerce on its platform, the Australian based marketplace source top consultants globally to work with startups, companies and individuals at a reduced cost.

Bacon for Beans

To put it simple, Bacon for Beans is like tinder for items and skills. Currently still in development, it’s a free bartering app allowing you to trade things that you don’t need with other peers for things that you want. What’s unique about this app is that it also has the option to list skills that can be traded for other skills. People can browse the marketplace, search for desired things and skills and heart it tinder-style. When two people like each other over an item or a skill, it’s a match and they proceed to meet up for skills or get the item shipped.

Service industry in Asia goes beyond just the traditional agencies and firms. The market has become increasingly vertical and penetrating the niche sectors within the service industry. With the projection for sharing economy to keep increasing, it can be expected that more on similar marketplaces will exists in Asia to meet the ever increasing demand for service industry.

Read the original article by Kenneth Low on Yahoo.

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