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One of the best things when travelling abroad is not only sampling authentic local foods, but also picking up a bit of cooking knowledge too, and increasingly food is driving our travel choices (this infographic explains the rise of food tourism well). Attending a cookery course can be a really rewarding experience – although the food never does taste quite the same when you get back home, does it?


Cookly is a website that brings all the best cooking courses in a destination together and allows you to book a place online. Founded by Thailand–based Etienne Marleau-Rancourt and Ben Ozsanay, who have both previously worked in the hospitality industry, the cooking courses, which are available in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam currently, include pho–making, vineyard visits and even classes with celebrity chefs.



Cookly has plans to expand into Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore by the end of the year, and then Europe in 2017. Read more over on Food Republic and ask yourself this question: what would you book first, the flights or the cooking experience?


Read the original article by Tom Jenkins on Fine Dining Lovers. 

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